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Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews

Acting, Speech,
and Public Speaking Coach

"Mr. Stevenson-Mathews has a rare gift for getting the best out of his singing actors.”

Lawson Taitte
Theatre Critic
Dallas Morning News

"I found Gaitley’s coaching technique 
especially helpful in preparing for several conferences and other presentations. His working style put me at ease, and in working together I felt we were able to strengthen not only my message but also my delivery.  I highly recommend him."


Lewis Kull
Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology
New York Presbyterian Hospital

"I was most impressed with Mr. Stevenson-Mathews' sense of detail and sensitivity to musical structure. His detail work with the singers brought clarity to the story and to each musical phrase. It is without reservation that I give Mr. Stevenson-Mathews my highest recommendation.

Robert Carter Austin
Las Colinas Symphony

Whether working with opera singers, musical theatre performers, stage actors, or business professionals, Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews brings precision and clarity to the work. If one is portraying a character in a play, presenting a song, or making a political speech, it’s all about making one’s point as clearly as possible. One has to free up the body, breath, mind, and spirit to allow thoughts to flow fluidly. 


To achieve truth in one's delivery, the individual has to be vividly aware of their body and voice as an instrument, and be a watchdog for the sometimes arbitrary physicalities that can get in the way of the message. Often times people develop habits of shallow breathing, closing off their physical presence, or shutting down the fluidity of their expression without even knowing it. First, these issues have to be identified.  Then, one can develop habits to unlearn the learned behaviors that stand in the way of one's ability to communicate fully. In the process, one has to line up one's thoughts like a string of pearls, but the individual has to move through that string of pearls effortlessly. It may sound counterintuitive, but it takes some effort to make it seem effortless. Most of all, it takes awareness — and THAT comes with training. Even people who are “naturals” on stage or before an audience can benefit from the good solid technique that comes from working with a private coach.


Recognizing that “one size does not fit all,” in his private coaching sessions, Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews individualizes the training to address the specific individual’s strengths and possible challenges. If it’s nailing a speech, delivering a stunning performance with all the nuanced moments that make for the best in theatre, or simply getting over the nervousness of talking in front of others, Gaitley will work to help the individual master the tools needed to deliver a consistently polished performance.




Acting for Actors:

  • Beginning to advanced scene study and audition/monologue preparation.

  • Organic approach to work including basic Stanislavski and Meisner orientation.

  • Incorporation of techniques in sense memory, improvisation, and scene study.

  • Text analysis including contemporary through classical (Elowyn Castle, John Hirsch, Patsy Rotenburg).

  • Improvisational exercises incorporating Spolin and Chekhov.

  • Development of working vocabulary including subtext, motivation, action, objective, super objective, and through-line as related to script and character.


Acting for Singers:

  • Beginning through advanced scene study and individual song/aria preparation.

  • Dramatic coaching of singers for roles in opera and musical theatre and in preparation for auditions.

  • Utilization of basic acting techniques as they relate directly to the score and libretto.

  •  Incorporation of methods of working which activate mind and "spirit" as singer systematically moves through the score and text.

  • Gaitley is available to work individually with the singer, in conjunction with the singer's accompanist, or as a team teacher with the singer's voice teacher.


Public Speaking Preparation:

  • General techniques to more effectively relate to the audience, classroom, or peers.

  • Preparation for on-camera work, one-on-one interviews, or professional speaking engagements.

  • Body language, expressiveness of voice, knowing one's audience, and keen understanding of nonverbal communication to convey the message. 

  • Gaitley is available for one-on-one work or working as a team in preparing an individual for public speaking engagements. 

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